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Training seminar: "SOCOMEC 2017"

Seminar program:

1 part. Presentation of SOCOMEC products of 2017, model range and features of UPS application:

  • Uninterruptible power supply. Solutions for business;
  • Solutions for IT equipment
  • Solutions for critical loads;
  • Lithium-ion solutions:

                     LIB batteries;
                     capacitors LIC.

  • Static systems of Automatic Input of the Reserve;
  • Communication and communication facilities for UPS;
  • Special solutions for special conditions.


Coffee break


Two part. Integration of the UPS into the engineering infrastructure of the facility

  • Influence of the UPS on the engineering infrastructure of the facility;
  • Input protection of the UPS (not a part of the UPS);
  • UPS with transformer at the output of the inverter or without it;
  • Protection against reverse current;
  • Use of differential protection;
  • 3 or 4-pole protection at the UPS input;
  • Features of UPS 3/1;
  • Battery protection;
  • UPS output protection. Short circuit in the load;
  • UPS and surge protection;
  • Where to find the data? How to contact the manufacturer?

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